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Нет, любезный родич / translation

Приветствую досточтимую публику,
Вашему вниманию предлагается перевод.
Отзывы также приветствуются.

Оригинальный текст: http://blackalpinist.com/scherbakov...

* * *
No, beloved kinsman, we're not ailing
Paying taxes, in exact amounts,
Pray in our church and reel around,
Placing things we find, inside the drawers

Market fears being overrated,
All is tableful and housewarming
Valetry has taken Landlord's lair,
Attic people moving underground

Title of a district was awarded
To my neck of woods, before the holiday

Cheers, fanfares, among the furbished fir-trees
Our town is now declared a city

Who becomes the landlord in this flurry?
Where can the movements get the fury
So they can convict, in proper measures
Those men who weren't trusted, ever

Here, even you would hit a road block
So of course I don't mean to say that
Nails are not in place or teeth are broken,
I just say by no means it's boring

It's the only sore thing to hear
Howls in the dark, so thick and clear

After which the rumors spread through town
Whispering it's not just wolve's howl

Darkness isn't new, but fret the meaning
Not for everyone it is to mingle,
Some of us already couldn't bear,
Took the stuff and moved away, forever

After them, to keep our voices clear,
Like a descant at the time of duel
We no longer sing "oh, where, where"
Even if we knew the place, we wouldn't sing.

Places are so scarce today that don't
Fly a proud shade of city or a former town,

No chance, no odds, the game is over,
Nowhere to run, but just away for now

Our former Chief's again a chair
Glad he stroke a deal with no jail time,
Like a shot, he made elected mayor,
We elected him, who else would care,

Born and raised, baptised in church and married,
Not a wrinkle on his spotless flyer
Some of us are now dead and buried,
Others, like myself, are still surviving chills,

Living, means we're cold, that means we're living
Tearing books and burning files instead of coal

Dictionary was so plump but now it's
Turned to ash and embers to the letter "O"

Yet there is a party and a concert,
Looks like they are serving tea and dessert
In the mayor's booth, but with his high hand
Chosen one repudiates the viand

Now he won't dine, afraid of poison,
So the dish obediently follows,
Those moans from stage "oh where, where"
Which I meant to say it's never boring, no

Grow some teeth or sharpen someone's pencils,
Still our village won't make a city, no

Never know who's poisoned at the party
Even if they were decapitated, no

Let me put our city's new zipcode
In the brackets there for you, beloved
Kinsman, please remember every letter
No faster albeit than you get it

Mail comes slow, and you should curb your hope,
Estimate delivery a year,
Even in an open envelope,
Censorship takes time, correction, this and that.
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